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My Story

I am Tomeka Allen, and I reside in Southaven, MS. I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach with emphasis on Relationships & All things Life. I obtained my certification through Tony Gaskins Academy in March 22,2019. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for over 17 yrs & a mother of 3 remarkable young ladies and 3 adorable grandkids. I’m a retired cosmetologist of 24 years & and a Cosmetology educator of 9 years . That’s my Gift in life but Life Coaching is my Calling; it’s my passion.(it started behind the chair) My goal is to create a “safe space” for each client to bring a sense of relief in exchange of each individual allowing themselves permission to release the issues at hand. I also strive to reach as many individuals as possible by giving them the necessary tools & strategies that will help navigate them in a more positive and logical space in their lives. NOTHING is impossible!

"Mistakes are filled with hidden lessons; 

 you're not living if you're not learning"

 "All’En or Nothing" 

This is a space in which we can be vulnerable & not feel attacked or judged. We’re stripping to the core & slowly removing the masks

Group therapy

My Passion

Life Coaching is a passion of mine to help others by telling my story(ies) for your glory. The struggles I've endured over a period of time and the hand I was dealt in life led me down this journey. It allowed me to remove the many masks I was wearing and to be as transparent as possible. I once was a broken, lost soul as well. I was one of those individuals that didn't believe in talking to a Life Coach. My husband and I went through a rough patch during our first 5 yrs of marriage. After my situation got so bad, I decided to move forward and consult with a Life Coach. After three sessions, my exact thoughts were " If God brought my husband and I through it, I KNOW He can bring ANYBODY through it. Shortly after, I began reading and researching, not knowing that Everything I've been through God was preparing me for this moment.

That's how my journey began!


9145 HWY 178 Suite B

Olive Branch, MS 38654


662-719-3014 (c)

662-892-8465 (f)



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